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LIBERTY Primary Steel Whyalla Steelworks

Built to take advantage of the secure iron ore supplies from SIMEC Mining's Middleback Ranges, LIBERTY Primary Steel's Whyalla Steelworks is the major source of both special bar quality and commercial-grade billet feed for LIBERTY.

The LIBERTY Primary Steel Whyalla Steelworks has a production capacity of ~1.2Mtpa of steel using a Blast Furnace Steelmaking process. Approximately 65 per cent of the steel produced is transferred by rail in billet form to InfraBuild Steel's Rod Bar and Wire business for further value-added processing, and the remaining steel is converted to finished products in the form of structural steel and rails through the Whyalla Structural Mill. 

LIBERTY Primary Steel Whyalla Steelworks has significant experience and expertise in the production of steel rail and steel sleeper systems in service to the Australian railway industry. A series of major investments in our facilities has resulted in the consistent manufacture of high-quality steel products. LIBERTY Primary Steel is proud to claim our steel rail and steel sleeper systems as Australian made.

The LIBERTY Primary Steel Whyalla Steelworks is located at Whyalla, South Australia, approximately 400 kilometres north-west of Adelaide. It is an integrated steelworks using mainly magnetite iron ore-based feed, sourced from SIMEC Mining’s iron ore mines in the region.

It produces billet for rolling in other manufacturing sites, together with rail and structural steel products. It produces common and special grade billet as feedstock for the downstream rod and bar mills, as well as producing rail and structural steel products for sale. Sales of slab and billet are also made to external customers on an ad hoc basis.

Raw steel production from Whyalla during the year was 1.1 million tonnes. Billets produced from Whyalla and the Sydney and Laverton electric arc furnaces are rolled into a wide range of long products that are sold directly to external customers as well as downstream businesses: Australian Reinforcing Company (ARC), InfraBuild Construction Solutions, InfraBuild Steel Centre and InfraBuild Steel's rod bar and wire mills.

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